Every day.
In every neighborhood.
For every New Yorker.

If this past year has proven anything, it’s that New Yorkers use and need their local nonprofits every day.

Whether you are a student looking to conduct research at your local library, a regular attendee of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, a small business with limited English proficiency seeking help with your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application, or a family that needs an extra hand getting food on the table, New York nonprofits serve all New Yorkers.

The past year was a time of great loss and societal reckoning but, through it all, New Yorkers remained resilient. The City is in a moment of transition and as we make our way through 2021, we need to rebuild in ways that center racial equity, confront white supremacy, and demand real impact. There is no going back to the “old” normal that was deeply flawed and inequitable – New York’s nonprofits will be essential in this next phase of the city.

Despite all that nonprofits do for our city, everyday New Yorkers, elected officials and corporations often fail to recognize our critical work, include us in decision-making, and provide us the support we need to thrive. The New York City community has an opportunity to pitch in and ensure nonprofits get the respect we deserve – check out this Gotham Gazette Op-Ed, penned by Meg Barnette, President & CEO of Nonprofit New York and Maria Torres-Springer, Vice President for US Programs at the Ford Foundation, to learn more.

46,214+ Nonprofits
New York.

$77.7 B/YR contribution

to the NYC economy (9.4% of NYC GDP)

13,062 establishments

nearly 5% of all business

662,025 Workers

almost 18% of all NYC workers

As the City moves forward from a global pandemic, economic recovery sits at the intersection of every important decision we make. The nonprofit sector led New York City through 2020, innovating along the way to meet the changing needs of our community as the entire country faced unprecedented challenges. Now, more than ever, it’s clear that New York City needs nonprofits to build back stronger. So, nonprofits across the city have come together under one name: Nonprofits Make New York, raising our voices so that ALL New Yorkers – government officials, business leaders, social justice advocates, everyday people and more – recognize that nonprofits are a fundamental part of what makes our diverse and vibrant city so special.

With a renewed commitment to racial equity, our coalition has the chance to radically re-imagine New York City and in the process, change the way New Yorkers view nonprofits. Nonprofits Make New York will focus on rebuilding a more equitable, sustainable and effective sector; and in the process ensure that nonprofits receive a level of recognition, support, and respect that reflects our significant and multifaceted contributions to the New York City region. New York’s nonprofit sector is essential in shaping the community, culture and economy.

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So, how many nonprofits did you come in contact with today?

You’re probably thinking none — but let’s take a look at your day, together:

  • Did you pick up your groceries at a local food bank?
  • Did you visit a park? Or a playground?
  • Does your child attend after school programming?
  • Did you stop into any of your favorite exhibits on Museum Mile?
  • Did you visit a house of worship or religious center today?
  • Do you have a local community garden?
  • Do your children go to arts and dance classes?
  • Have you called a helpline to receive assistance for a range of complicated programs?
  • Have you looked into a workforce development course?
  • Are you involved in civic engagement such as your block association or your child’s parent-teacher association?

If you said yes to any of the above, you are a proud patron of a New York nonprofit! Here are some additional examples of what nonprofits can be:

  • Provision of human and social services
  • Healthcare
  • Cultural institutions
  • Parks and gardens
  • Educational institutions
  • Landmarks and city planning organizations
  • Advocacy
  • Journalism
  • Civic organizations
  • Performing arts
  • Think-tanks and municipal innovation
  • Civil and social rights pioneers
  • Community-based efforts
  • Mutual aid
Who are your local nonprofits?
Religious and civic: 33%. Social Services: 23%. Healthcare: 13%. Education: 13%. Arts, Recreation, Entertainment: 5%. Other: 13%.

New York’s nonprofits are crucial drivers of the City’s economy and cultural fabric – they provide essential cultural, educational, health, and social services, and employ a substantial percentage of the City’s private workforce. In fact, New York City nonprofits generate billions of dollars for the local economy annually. As we emerge from COVID-19 lockdown protocols and enter the “new normal” it’s important that we ensure our local nonprofits are economically and socially supported. Building a stronger and more sustainable city is only possible if elected officials recognize nonprofits as important, substantive partners.

It’s time elected officials, corporate partners, funders, and the media understand that Nonprofits Make New York – we are a fundamental part of the New York City region, critical not only to its survival and recovery but also a key part of efforts to create a more equitable, sustainable and vibrant place.